The DTE Vantage team has a wealth of experience and expertise to assist you in decreasing your carbon footprint

We’re applying breakthrough technologies to combat climate change, the defining issue of our time. By implementing clean, smart, and safe solutions, we integrate the most promising concepts into a strategy that not only aims to meet your objectives, but also addresses the decarbonization challenges facing us all.

DTE Vantage is helping partners across North America to reduce their carbon emissions



DTE Vantage is helping partners across North America reduce or control their carbon emissions, assisting them in meeting their environmental commitments and creating a cleaner future for customers and communities.

Carbon capture and sequestration is proven and delivers results at dozens of sites worldwide. The process captures CO₂ from industrial emitters and transports it to sequestration sites where it is injected deep underground. The CO₂ is safely and permanently sequestered in geological formations, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere where it would otherwise contribute to climate change.

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DTE Vantage is leveraging its experience and resources working to develop more than 15 sequestration projects across five EPA regions. These projects span the entire value chain including capture, compression, transportation, and sequestration to serve our customers’ needs.

With unparalleled project management, scientific, and regulatory experience, the DTE Vantage team of experts across North America is committed to tailoring innovative solutions that aim to address the environmental, social, and governance goals of our partners. DTE Vantage focuses on large-scale energy projects well-suited for sequestration across many industries, including ethanol-producing sites. DTE Vantage can manage the entire project life cycle from site selection to characterization, permitting, construction, operations, and ultimately post-injection site management.

Project Development and Execution

  • Full project scope capabilities from capture and compression through transportation and sequestration
  • Flexibility to find a suitable commercial structure (fixed fee, turnkey, cost of service, etc.) based on the partner facility’s preference
  • Project funding capabilities and tax credit/environmental attribute monetization support

Site Characterization & Stakeholder Outreach

  • Geologic analysis to understand subsurface qualities
  • Strategic approach to utilizing regional data and stratigraphic test wells to develop robust Class VI permit applications
  • Land acquisition strategy focused on building relationships with landowners and community officials
  • Targeted outreach program on CCS education and benefits

Regulatory & Permitting

  • Strong working relationship with EPA, both from our CCS efforts and from our core utility work
  • Robust lobbying and regulatory capabilities at the federal and state level

Absorption of Long-term Site Liability

  • 100+ year company history and strong financial position to allow for stability around project development, operations, and long-term liabilities
  • Scope of work can include post-injection site care

Operations & Maintenance

  • Strong operating history across core business lines, with operation of over 150,000 HP compression capacity, thousands of miles of high pressure pipelines, and 150+ active storage injection and monitoring wells
  • Ability to operate and maintain any part of CCS value chain

Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification

  • Familiarity with state and federal reporting surrounding environmental and other requirements
  • Implementation of monitoring and reporting plans to meet EPA requirements surrounding 45Q Federal Tax Credits and other incentives
  • Ready to take liability around 45Q Federal Tax Credits and/or implement insurance against Tax Credit loss
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DTE Vantage has a strong financial position that ensures stability from project development through long-term management. DTE Vantage can employ full-scale, turn-key solutions across the value chain, while also leveraging our longstanding EPA relationship, state-level relationships, and previous project experience to streamline the Class VI permit process.

DTE Vantage is willing to fund any and all parts of projects to aid in successful execution. In addition, DTE Vantage can take the 45Q tax credits associated with the project, facilitate the credits for the partner to take, or monetize the credits, as needed. This flexible structure is aimed at meeting our partner’s environmental goals.


DTE Vantage is committed to addressing your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda. Our expansive portfolio of projects and experience, as well as access to proven technologies, empower us to be a partner focused on helping you fulfill your goals. Our partnership can lead to your success; please reach out so we can take the next steps together. The map below reflects the ongoing work DTE Vantage is leading in CCS across North America.

Is CCS a solution for your business? Contact us today to explore how DTE Vantage can employ CCS to help meet your goals and position you as a champion for the environment.


  • CCS Project Management & Development
  • Geologic Characterization
  • Engineering


  • Geologic Characterization
  • Engineering


  • Geologic Characterization


  • Geologic Characterization
  • Engineering


  • Geologic Characterization


  • CCS Project Management & Development
  • Geologic Characterization
  • Engineering


  • Geologic Characterization
  • Engineering


  • Geologic Characterization


  • Geologic Characterization


We are committed to being good corporate citizens in the many unique communities where we live and serve. These communities make everything we do possible, and we strive to be a force for good in all our neighbors’ lives. Our employees volunteer countless hours with national, regional, and grassroots nonprofits, supporting causes that uplift communities. We also proudly support local businesses to further stimulate the economies that our partners call home. This includes cleaning up important local parks, rivers, and community centers sending wishes of joy and laughter to seniors, bringing communities together by revitalizing parade floats, providing essential items to those in need, and more.

DTE’s Corporate Citizenship Report highlights the many ways our values and involvement make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Additionally, the DTE Energy Foundation supports initiatives focused on arts and culture, community transformation, economic progress, education and employment, environment, and human needs with the goal of empowering nonprofits that support local communities.

  • DTE Vantage team members building hygiene kits for United Way
  • DTE Vantage volunteers beautifying the Huron River
  • DTE volunteers enhancing the hardscape at the Living and Learning Enrichment Center
  • DTE Vantage volunteers preserving landscape at Mayberry State Farm's Campus
  • DTE team volunteers at The Parade Company for the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • DTE Vantage sending wishes of joy & laughter to seniors at the Living & Memory Care Center