DTE Vantage Turns Farm Waste into Renewable Natural Gas in South Dakota

Beresford, South Dakota, Nov. 2, 2022 – Methane from dairy cow manure will become sustainable renewable natural gas at a new Beresford, South Dakota facility that recently began operations. DTE Vantage announced today that its partnership with two local farms will make a sizable, positive environmental impact, producing enough RNG to serve the equivalent of 4,325 homes.*

“We’re honored to work with these two great farms and an impactful team of partner companies to develop invaluable renewable energy,” said Kevin Dobson, vice president of biomass, DTE Vantage. “We’re taking bold steps to significantly increase our investments in renewable energy over the next 10 years and this project is a great example of that effort.”

The methane from the two farms’ manure waste is used to produce RNG that is injected by subsidiary, East Dakota Renewable Energy, LLC, into a pipeline onsite. From there, Clean Energy Renewable Fuels sells and distributes transportation fuel to local communities in California.

“DTE Vantage has been a long-term and reliable partner to Clean Energy, and a market leader in developing RNG projects,” said Tyler Henn, vice president and general manager, Clean Energy Renewables. “We are excited to be working together to decarbonize the transportation market. This dairy-to-RNG project will make a significant, positive impact on air quality by reducing greenhouse gases and delivering the lowest carbon intensity fuel to our customers.”

DTE Vantage developed and operates eight facilities in the U.S. that convert methane from dairy cow manure into sustainable RNG while offering compensation to its host farms. Manure left to decompose on farmland releases methane directly into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Diverting that manure to anaerobic digesters instead reduces a farm’s local greenhouse gas emissions through capturing the methane in raw biogas form and repurposing it as pipeline-quality RNG.

Learn more about DTE Vantage’s renewable energy projects and facilities at dtevantage.com/business-lines/renewable-energy.

*U.S. Energy Information Administration, Office of Energy Consumption and Efficiency Statistics, Forms EIA-457A, C, D, E, F, G of the 2015 Residential Energy Consumption Survey

About DTE Vantage

DTE Vantage is a dynamic, growth-oriented segment of DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE), a Fortune 500 company with more than $12 billion in annual revenue. Established in 1994, DTE Vantage manages and operates more than 60 innovative energy projects in 16 states and one Canadian province. It employs more than 600 dedicated team members across three core groups: Renewable Energy, Custom Energy Solutions, and Emerging Ventures. As a non-regulated business, DTE Vantage implements innovative solutions such as renewable energy and carbon management technologies to help customers – from family farms to complex operating facilities – meet their emission reduction goals. Learn more at www.dtevantage.com.

About Clean Energy

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is the country’s largest provider of the cleanest fuel for the transportation market. Our mission is to decarbonize transportation through the development and delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG), a sustainable fuel derived from organic waste. Clean Energy Renewables is a subsidiary of Clean Energy that engages with biogas producers to secure reliable, high-quality RNG for transportation. We have been providing RNG supply, natural gas commodity, credit monetization and custom compliance solutions to customers since 2009. Together we enable thousands of vehicles, from airport shuttles to city buses to waste and heavy-duty trucks, to reduce their amount of climate-harming greenhouse gas. We operate a vast network of fueling stations across the U.S. and Canada. Visit www.cleanenergyfuels.com and follow @ce_renewables on Twitter.


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